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Using Your Website as a Sales Asset

One of the most important considerations one can make in valuing their website is how effective it is as a sales asset. The web is a versatile place, and a website can offer great value for a first time visitor (read: “potential customer/client”) when proper and intentional web design and development practices are followed. The Read More

UX Considerations in a RWD World

At its core, the role of a UX professional is to empathize with the people who interact with your product. When you think about it in those terms, it is not unreasonable to expect that everyone involved in the creation of a website should be UX evangelists – from the client to the developer and everyone Read More

Dealing with the Mobile Hover State

A common issue web developers run into is how hover effects on desktop transition to a mobile device. Since obviously there is no hover on mobile a discussion needs to be had about whether that hover effect is still vital/functional to the design or not. A good example of this is an effect we use on Read More

Scrolling & The Fold

Amongst web designers and developers, few things will cause eyes to roll faster than the age-old debate about the existence of the “fold” and user scrolling behavior. Personal opinion and semantics often derail the conversation into one that isn’t productive or relevant to today’s multi-device landscape, but there is value in discussing both the “fold” and scrolling. However, we need Read More

Stonyfield’s Ingredient Source Map

Recently, we worked with Stonyfield, the world’s leading organic yogurt maker to create a custom illustrated, user-friendly, mobile-friendly interactive map for Stonyfield fans to explore where the ingredients in their delicious yogurt come from. The supplier stories, from California peaches to blueberries harvested in Quebec, are worth digging into. We are so proud to partner Read More

Intro to Responsive Web Design

How do you access the internet? On your desktop? Or maybe your laptop, or netbook? And also on a tablet? And probably on your phone? On it’s mobile browser, or even through a web app? Do you have a glossy new high-resolution monitor, or an older standard one? An average internet user’s options for experiencing Read More

Van Dam Website Redesign and Custom Facebook Tab

Van Dam doesn’t just build wooden boats, they handcraft fully-custom, uniquely-powerful, high-end pieces of art. The family owned business is focused on real relationships between the people who build the boats and the people who buy them. We set out to reflect this in their online presence, through a complete website redesign and corresponding custom Read More

Honest Tea Increases Fan Base with Coupon on Facebook

Honest Tea is a premiere organic (and delicious) beverage company, active in supporting both sustainability and social responsibility within the corporate world. Utilizing Facebook for a paperless coupon campaign was a perfect “green” solution for Honest Tea. The message was concise, “thanks for being a part of our communi-tea!” A Fangate, a step requiring users Read More