What Do Gila Monsters and Strawberries Have to Do With King Design?

A couple weeks ago, we had our first organized BBQ and team building event of the year. We started the day off at the Kings’ house playing Kan Jam, Washer Toss, Dodge Mason’s Landmines, and enjoyed some homemade springtime goodies including Chris’s Mean Green Gila Monster Guacamole, Fun-in-the-Sun Mixed Greens Salad with apples, nuts and seeds, feta, and homemade honey vinaigrette, and Shanon’s Totally Tubular Tuna Pasta Salad. Mike manned the grill and Jess kept us refreshed throughout the day. We celebrated Shanon’s birthday with a brownie cookie cake, s’mores and Tim’s homemade Succulent Strawberry Pretzel Dessert. We told stories. We laughed, we laughed some more, then with full, happy bellies, it was time for the bowling showdown at Thunderbird Lanes in Willow Grove. After three games of exhilarating gameplay, our thumbs, pointer, and ring fingers had had enough. I won’t give away who had the highest score of the day (mwahaha), but here at King Design, we’re all winners! Okay, that was a little cheesy. But in all seriousness, team building activities are not only great ways to break up the work week, but they also boost morale, improve productivity, increase motivation, encourage creativity, and strengthen team collaboration.

There have been talks of planning a whitewater rafting trip, canoeing, kayaking, paintball, and go-carting as a team too, and although not everyone is “on board” (pun intended) with those ideas, encouraging others to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone with the support of fellow colleagues is a healthy way for us all to grow together. Because we are a small agency, activities like these bring great value to our close-knit environment in which we work and play. We’ll be sure to post an update once we’ve had our next adventure!

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