Your Website is Your Most Vital Marketing Tool

In need of a reliable pinch hitter for your sales team? Look no further than your website. Websites, when designed strategically, can be your best marketing asset. Your website is your virtual brick and mortar shop in the online world. While it lacks a physical address, it’s still important to dust off the shelves, showcase your best wares and interact with your customers in a friendly, engaging way. This is where strategic website design is key.

According to Statista, over 200 million people shopped on the web in 2018. That’s a huge percentage of the population seeking information and consumerism in the virtual world. With millions accessing the internet daily, your website can be your most potent marketing tool.

A website opens the door to reach clients and customers via their preferred method of engagement – online. However, your site is not the only fish in the sea. Potential clients and consumers are barraged with a stream of online content every day. How can you stand out from the crowd of internet purveyors vying for their attention? The answer is simple: Effective web design.

Not only can effective website design engage your audience and put you on the map of success, but it can also boost the efficiency and productivity of your sales strategies. Viewing your website as a versatile tool to find and engage prospective clients is the first step in harnessing its power. Instead of cold calling, your website can deliver informed prospects right to your physical and virtual doorstep.

A website should mirror your best sales person’s approach.

It anticipates potential client’s questions in the order they might generate them and leads them down a path to either purchase online or want to learn more. And, just as important, it does so in a way that users find pleasant and enjoyable. User interface design is the first component of a successful website design.

Like any great sales team member, you expect your website to be an efficient and presentable source day in and day out. It should greet your customers warmly and present relevant information in an easy-to-follow format. As such your website can function as a vital initial step in the sales cycle. When prospects understand both the feel of your company and its potential, the sales cycle is shortened, leads are more educated, better qualified and can delve deeper with your sales team.

Your website can also serve as your best in-person sales tool.

With dynamic graphics and visuals organized effectively, the site can be utilized during meetings with prospects. Whether it’s projected onto a big screen or pulled up on an iPad, the trove of information and professionalism it conveys is a vital component to engaging your potential client during a face to face meeting.

A website powered with strategic design isn’t meant to replace a salesperson. Instead, it should be your sales team’s secret weapon. By telling your business’s story in a visual way, users are quicker to relate and engage.

In summary, a well-designed website combines the skills, knowledge, and language of your sales and marketing teams with the most effective user experience design to create a compelling path for a visitor. This includes information architecture, user interface design, wireframing, content development, SEO strategies and more. With website design, these components converge to build a connection between your prospects and your business in today’s modern era.

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