Website Design & Development

We combine the skills, knowledge, and language of your sales and marketing teams with our expertise in user experience design to create the most compelling path for a visitor.

Content strategy & information architecture

We first seek to understand your core customer and why you're uniquely positioned to help. We engage your best sales people to define the buying journey, what resonates, and what questions we need to answer along the way. This informs what information we're serving up when, where, and how.

Wireframing & prototyping

Once the content strategy is set, we focus on UX design. We create detailed wireframes to ensure all user pathways, communication goals, and functionality has been accounted for (much like the architectural blueprint for a house). Often, we'll build interactive prototypes to test and refine as we go.

User experience & interface design

We develop creative ideas to visually express your core message. Every choice, from layout and color to type size and style is made with your brand and communication goals in mind. We're focused on the physical interactions—whether mobile or desktop. We carefully code the speed of page transitions, animations, and image gallery swipes down to the millisecond to make sure the user experience feels 'right' and effortless.

Content development

Once the visual design is set, our copywriters, photographers, videographers, and motion graphics artists bring everything to life with strategic headlines and marketing messages, visuals, and custom animations that engage a visitor and move them to action.

Website Development

We like to get a working prototype live in a development environment as quickly as possible. A flat design can only show part of the picture. Not until a user is able to interact with a website or application does the complete design begin to take shape. Our developers use clean, hand-coded HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and custom PHP to create digital experiences that delight users and search engines alike.

WordPress & CRM integrations

Most websites are dynamic, not static. Internal marketing teams need to update web content and manage leads in real time. We use WordPress as our content management foundation—customized exactly to our specifications and standards. If your CRM has an API, our backend developers can likely integrate it with the site.

Usability testing & analytics

All the planning in the world is wasted without proper execution. During our QA process, we sweat the details, ensuring that every element works to aid the goal of the project. From mobile device to cross-browser testing, we proof and refine the website design. We check, double-check, and proof again before launch. We install analytics tracking for future performance analysis.

Search engine optimization

Just as we seek to delight visitors, we also aim to please search engines. Google cares about being relevant and accurate. If your site isn't relevant or trustworthy, Google won't serve it up. It's as simple as that. Keyword-rich, strategic content paired with our optimized site structure and code lay the foundation for successful organic search performance.

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