Think You’re Cut Out to be a Project Manager? Take This Quiz!

Directions: Assign points for how well each statement applies to you using the following criteria:

Not true: 1 point

Partly true: 2 points

Mostly true: 3 points

1. I consider myself to be a good communicator. I’m not afraid or shy to ask questions or tell people what I need, even if it means I must go outside my comfort zone on occasion.

2. I’m usually pretty organized. If you asked me to retrieve a receipt from a pair of shoes I bought 6 months ago, I’d be able to find it in a matter of a few minutes.

3. I’m proactive. I don’t need to be asked to act because I can anticipate what may happen and take control. And you don’t have to ask me twice to do something!

4. Planning is easy for me. In fact, I enjoy it! I love making lists or outlines and know how to get everyone on the same page. I believe that planning or using strategy to achieve an objective is exhilarating.

5. I’m rarely late to meet a friend or attend an appointment. I excel at time management, and I’d say I’m the opposite of a procrastinator in everyday life. If I want to accomplish a task, I know the steps to get it done and am able to follow through to completion.

6. I am comfortable leading a team and making decisions. Within my group of friends, I’m usually the one making things happen while everyone steps back. I take their ideas and personal preferences into consideration, and then make an executive decision on behalf of the group.

7. Even under pressure, I keep myself composed and am able to state the facts of a situation that didn’t go as planned. When faced with a hurdle, I attack it head on and it doesn’t set me back.

8. I know when it’s appropriate to multitask and am able to prioritize. Although it’s said that multitasking may cause a drop in productivity, in the workplace, multitasking is almost unavoidable for project managers. If I feel I am taking on too much at once, I know when to step back and focus on one task at a time to regain control of my responsibilities.

9. I prefer to take action rather than sit back and let things happen. I am comfortable following up, checking in and reminding someone to do something, even if I feel I may be bugging him or her.


9-14 total points:

Seems that a career in project management isn’t in the cards for you. But hold your head up, because you’re probably already kicking butt where you are now! However, if you dedicate some time to work on the areas on which you scored lowest, you should see a big improvement in your skill set.

15-21 total points:

Project management could be a good fit for you. To continue down this path, take additional Project Management quizzes. You may want to search for comparable careers that highlight your skills and strengths, too.

22-27 total points:

Looks like you have what it takes! A career in project management may be in your future. But be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you review your own performance and people’s perception of you to identify what you can improve upon.

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