How to Prepare for a Web Redesign Kickoff Meeting

Okay, so all the paperwork has been signed and you absolutely cannot wait for us to get started on your project, right? Well, we’re pretty excited too, but first things first, we need to have an official project kickoff meeting. What should you do to help prepare for this meeting? Check out this list:

  • Send us a list of team members who will be involved in the project along with their email addresses so we can add them to Basecamp, which will serve as a central hub for tracking project milestones, file sharing, and general project communications.
  • Provide brand guidebooks and/or style guides.
  • Provide a list of device(s), browser(s) and version(s) you will likely be using to review the site through the development process.
  • Let us know who will be in the kickoff meeting and who will be our main point of contact throughout the duration of the project.

And here are some questions we may be asking in our kickoff meeting:

  • What are your goals and expectations for this project?
  • Who is going to be developing content?
  • What is the strategy behind developing the content?
  • Will you be able to provide us with your existing hosting/domain name information?
  • Is there a budget for stock photography or custom photography?
  • What assets will you be providing?
  • Do you have video(s) and how can we access them?

Thanks and see you at the kickoff!

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