Interactive Designer

If Tim had three eyes, he’d fix the first on Photoshop, the second behind a camera, and the third before a screening of Back to the Future. An avid techie, he can usually be found behind a monitor, and might just have a solution for everything.

Tim 6T8A0671


Art Director

Average people would get tired from being a dedicated runner, kick-ass chef, fashion trendsetter, social butterfly, and all-around fabulously creative soul—not Chris. She still manages to light up a room while doling out mold-breaking design. In heels.

Chris 6T8A0384


Web Developer

A rare centaur that loves design as much as code. He's totally hooked on Ultimate Frisbee, good at matching socks, and we love it when Lyra, his adorable lab, comes to visit us at the studio.

Brandon 6T8A0350


Web Developer

There once was a boy with a sign above his desk that read, “I love PHP.” This boy, ever clad in classic kicks and harboring the appetite of a person 4 times his size, now programs applications that put the kibosh on conventional. Third-party cookies, beware.

Brian 6T8A0687


Principal, Creative Director

Mike launched King Design from the spare bedroom in his apartment in 2002, and the rest as they say, is history. He’s our creative north star and pusher of boundaries. Not just a designer, he's also a great photographer, videographer and, sort of, OK at guitar.

Mike 6T8A0540


Principal, Strategy & Operations

Lean, mean [super nice], streamlined machine is Jess King. Between keeping projects in check, running meetings, educating clients on our industry, and running the company, she still manages to fit in time for everyone. Just don't ask her for directions.

Jess 6T8A0470


Web Developer

Andy likes to start his day off right with a healthy bowl of responsive design and a good cup of Wordpress (his backends are AMAZING!) When he’s not honing his front-end dev skills, he'll sometimes take his wife out. Or his kids. Or both. They do fun stuff.

Andy 6T8A0596


Project Manager

Maureen helps to keep things running smoothly around the studio—managing projects and cracking the whip on timelines. A lover of cooking, music, and all things outdoors. She also has an absurd amount of animals.

Maureen 6T8A0643


Web Developer

Question: What do microwave taquitos, technologically advanced coding, crazy-speedy road bikes, and oddly hilarious Skype emoticons have in common? Answer: They all happen fast, when manned by Bob Scott.

Bob 6T8A0728
Where is Mason?

“The King Design team is strategic, creative, and pragmatic. They were extremely flexible as our needs evolved during our website build and they walked us through a very complicated project.”

Peter Kaye
Chief Marketing Officer
NuTek Food Science
Lyra 0812
Jess In Team Meeting 0939
Mike And Chris In Hallway Critique 6T8A0747
Bob And Andy 0856
Brandon Working 0933
King Design Team In Conference Room 0968
Mike Working 0896

Our Promise

We’ll listen closely and ask insightful questions.
We will study all things you. And them.
We won’t run if the going gets tough.
We’ll say what we mean and mean what we say.
We’re in this together. We win when you win.
We’re serious, but won’t take ourselves too seriously
We’ll deliver. And then some.

Our Values

People before profits.
Be open. Be honest.
Always be learning and growing.
View challenges as opportunities.
Don’t overcomplicate it.
Stay positive. Be humble.
Do the right thing.

We Do

Product or service, startup
or global enterprise—we use
our collective creative and strategic might to do exactly what's right for you. No jargon. No buzzwords. No BS.