3 Reasons to Choose Shopify as Your e-commerce Platform

Choosing an e-commerce platform can be a daunting task. Whether converting from an existing platform or starting from scratch, there are many things to consider. While each client will have unique needs to factor in, there are three areas that will be fundamental to all online stores: security, theming, and platform ecosystem. By focusing on these three areas, we at King Design have found that Shopify is a great choice when designing and building a website with e-commerce functionality.


Security is always the top concern when dealing with online transactions. Shopify is focused on security and follows best practices providing PCI compliance to all stores on it’s platform. This benefit can not be overstated in today’s security environment. Shopify does not store any credit card information and has no history of being hacked at a large scale. By having Shopify host the store the burden of security is greatly reduced. Of course this security comes with the cost of the monthly subscription, but if your store has ever been compromised in the past the cost pales in comparison to the risk.


The ability to theme and customize the look and feel of the store is our specialty here at King Design. Providing a great experience for the customer can lead to more sales in your online store. Shopify provides a great set of tools to allow us create that great experience. Shopify themes are written using the Liquid templating language allowing for powerful features while maintaining security and convenient development. In addition to creating templates in the theme, Shopify allows for the creation of customized CMS-like functionality. Creating sections in templates that can then be used and populated in a drag and drop interface that will be comfortable for the client to use.

While there are some limitations primarily around the checkout process, these are implemented for security reasons. The Shopify theming tools allow us to create a seamless experience for customers from a non-e-commerce site to the e-commerce site.


Setting the client up for success in the long term is vital and a strong ecosystem is the foundation of that long term success. Shopify has a robust ecosystem of applications, documentation, forums, and support. We have never had an issue getting in touch with someone from Shopify and getting a clear answer to any questions we had. We have also found their documentation to be robust and thorough. The large selection of applications makes it easy to fulfill any needs that might arise. Having such a great ecosystem is a huge benefit to our clients as it allows them the freedom to find answers to their questions at any time.

These are the top three reasons we end up recommending Shopify to most of our clients. While every client is unique, these particular traits are applicable to all online stores. Hopefully this breakdown helps you in your search for an e-commerce platform and be sure to reach out to us to explore what solutions might work best for you!

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