Your Email Signature Should Be Text

Every once in a while, I’ll see an email signature come through as an image. Sounds like a small thing but it is one of your most powerful marketing tools. I would recommend changing it to text.

Here’s why:
1) A large number of email programs block or don’t display images. So your recipient won’t see your contact info or website URL.
2) If your website is a text link then it would be clickable and easy to get to. Especially on mobile devices.
3) It is best practice to have your phone numbers as text so they are easily clickable on a mobile device. If clicked the device will automatically call the number instead of someone having to type it in.

Simple text is all you need. Just make sure everyone in your company is consistent and uses the company’s brand fonts (or something close if the fonts aren’t loaded on your machine) and colors.

Something like this might work.

Your Name

Your Company
215-555-5555 office
215-555-5555 cell

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