A Night of Geek and Glamour

The geeks were dolled up and out on the town Friday night for the first annual Philly Geek Awards. Between the top hats, ballroom-worthy gowns, and the homebrew R2D2 helmet, I didn’t know if I was at the Oscars or on the set of a sci-fi movie. I guess it was a little bit of Read More

Daniel’s Multitudinous Tees.

One fine day, Dan discovered that the number of tees in his possession counted far above that of the normal twenty-something man. Boldly he professed that he could go a month without repeating. Documentation ensued. What will he wear tomorrow, you ask? The answer lies here. (So, check back.) See Dan in his tees. *Post Read More

We Love Our Clients

On this cozy, rainy, Sunday morning, I’m drinking my coffee and mentally preparing for the week ahead. A week, just like the last one, and those before it; filled with tons of meetings, campaign launches, creative production craziness, and an endless “to-do” list that comes with managing a boutique agency. There’s no “9-5” about it. Read More

Van Dam Website Redesign and Custom Facebook Tab

Van Dam doesn’t just build wooden boats, they handcraft fully-custom, uniquely-powerful, high-end pieces of art. The family owned business is focused on real relationships between the people who build the boats and the people who buy them. We set out to reflect this in their online presence, through a complete website redesign and corresponding custom Read More

Social Media: Last month is so last year. What’s new now?

Social media. It’s not in a dictionary. If it was, the definition would never make it from the first draft to the printing presses (wait, do people still buy printed versions?). Facebook is ever evolving, and trying keep up with the constant iterations that the developers over there are putting out can seem endless. Twitter Read More

Honest Tea Increases Fan Base with Coupon on Facebook

Honest Tea is a premiere organic (and delicious) beverage company, active in supporting both sustainability and social responsibility within the corporate world. Utilizing Facebook for a paperless coupon campaign was a perfect “green” solution for Honest Tea. The message was concise, “thanks for being a part of our communi-tea!” A Fangate, a step requiring users Read More

Social Media Star Award!

2011 kicked off the Philadelphia Business Journal’s inaugural Social Media Stars contest, and King Design was one of the winners. Nominations from throughout the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey regions were gathered, focused on finding corporate marketing campaigns leveraging social media in a dually creative and effectual approach. The campaign we created for Stonyfield Read More

4 Great Motion Graphics Resources

Motion graphics, like this amazing short film by Gabe Askew called “Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear”, all have one thing in common – to be successful, story comes first. In my short time creating short films and spending my free time researching the greats throughout internet land, the same theme pops up over and over. Read More