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A Web/UI Designer’s Thoughts on Switching from Photoshop to Sketch

Sketch was on our radar for about a year and a half before we finally decided to hunker down and make the time investment to learn a new tool. We read a lot of reviews around the time we first discovered Sketch that led us to believe that, while its offerings were promising, its current Read More

Using Your Website as a Sales Asset

One of the most important considerations one can make in valuing their website is how effective it is as a sales asset. The web is a versatile place, and a website can offer great value for a first time visitor (read: “potential customer/client”) when proper and intentional web design and development practices are followed. The Read More

Search Engine Optimization, the Digital World, and the Capo d’astro Bar

If you’re an AdMan (or AdWoman) you might know a story about my grandfather, Bud Robbins. In the early 60’s, during the “MadMen” days of the creative revolution called advertising, Bud was hired by an agency to write copy for the Aeolian Piano Company, a competitor to Steinway and Baldwin. While he may not have known Read More

Holiday Snow Globe: How We Made It

As our studio began filling with festive holiday cheer, one question sat near. “What to do for our holiday campaign?” we asked with a smile. “How about a shakable snow globe!? That should keep folks entertained for a while.” Many wild ideas were thrown about during one of our team lunches. The idea for Read More

3 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Improve Your SEO

A while back we introduced you, if you were previously unfamiliar, with the concept of responsive web design. We discussed two very different routes that can be taken when it comes to designing for the ever growing mobile/tablet audience.  Option 1 was the responsive/adaptive web design approach, which takes a single website and [aesthetically] pinches and squeezes Read More