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What Do Gila Monsters and Strawberries Have to Do With King Design?

A couple weeks ago, we had our first organized BBQ and team building event of the year. We started the day off at the Kings’ house playing Kan Jam, Washer Toss, Dodge Mason’s Landmines, and enjoyed some homemade springtime goodies including Chris’s Mean Green Gila Monster Guacamole, Fun-in-the-Sun Mixed Greens Salad with apples, nuts and seeds, Read More

How to Prepare for a Web Redesign Kickoff Meeting

Okay, so all the paperwork has been signed and you absolutely cannot wait for us to get started on your project, right? Well, we’re pretty excited too, but first things first, we need to have an official project kickoff meeting. What should you do to help prepare for this meeting? Check out this list: Send Read More

Think You’re Cut Out to be a Project Manager? Take This Quiz!

Directions: Assign points for how well each statement applies to you using the following criteria: Not true: 1 point Partly true: 2 points Mostly true: 3 points 1. I consider myself to be a good communicator. I’m not afraid or shy to ask questions or tell people what I need, even if it means I must Read More