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Migrating from Expression Engine to WordPress

Recently, at King, we moved our blog over from an old Expression Engine build (v2) over to a new WordPress install. I figured it would be helpful to share my experiences since a lot of the other articles I read were pretty outdated. First, I’d like to thank Domenico Bettinelli for his article and Travis Read More

Web fonts save lives.

Web fonts saves lives. Alright, maybe they don’t save lives, but they’re pretty awesome and make the web look a whole lot better. As awesome as they are, there are a few things that everyone should know to get the most out of them. 1. Most fonts are licensed Your favorite font library is full Read More

Intro to Responsive Web Design

How do you access the internet? On your desktop? Or maybe your laptop, or netbook? And also on a tablet? And probably on your phone? On it’s mobile browser, or even through a web app? Do you have a glossy new high-resolution monitor, or an older standard one? An average internet user’s options for experiencing Read More

So you’re adding a custom Facebook tab.

Congrats! You did it. You defined your space in Facebook, and now you’re painting the walls and putting up some drapes. It’s going to be downright CozyTown on your Page pretty soon, but, wait. Did you remember all the not-so-pretty stuff? Before moving forward and making your new custom Facebook tab live, there are some Read More