Trust Us!

In this crazy world of digital marketing, the rules change almost daily.  As a web design and development team, we work very hard to keep on top of the latest trends in design and development so that our clients don’t have to. You do what you do well, Read More

Migrating from Expression Engine to WordPress

Recently, at King, we moved our blog over from an old Expression Engine build over to a new WordPress install. I figured it would be helpful to share my experiences since a lot of the other articles I read were pretty outdated. First, I’d like to thank Domenico Read More

King Design Crashes the Neighborhood

Well, we’re all finally settled in at our new location in Fort Washington. Moving from a 2nd floor suite in Jenkintown into a two story house with basement has given us quite a bit of room to cram with Apple products and design inspiration. The grill and outdoor tables let us Read More

Stonyfield’s Ingredient Source Map

Recently, we worked with Stonyfield, the world’s leading organic yogurt maker to create a custom illustrated, user-friendly, mobile-friendly interactive map for Stonyfield fans to explore where the ingredients in their delicious yogurt come from. The supplier stories, from California peaches to blueberries harvested in Quebec, are worth digging Read More

Go forth and COLLABORATE!

Our design/development team is fresh off of an amazing responsive design conference in Providence, RI. and man, are we PUMPED. Artifact Conference ( ),  self described as a conference “for DESIGNERS who are adapting to the challenge of designing for a MULTI-DEVICE world ” was innovative, inspiring, Read More

Guac-Ca-Cook Off

How it started Dan: Hey Kipp? Kipp: Yes Dan? Dan: Avacados are 10 for 10 at Acme. Kipp: Nice, I can’t buy them in large quantities because they go bad before I can eat them all. Dan: Ah, yeah, you know whats good when you have lots of Read More

Web fonts save lives.

Web fonts saves lives. Alright, maybe they don’t save lives, but they’re pretty awesome and make the web look a whole lot better. As awesome as they are, there are a few things that everyone should know to get the most out of them. 1. Most fonts are Read More

“If you build it, they will not come”

You finally got your big website designed, developed, and launched…all of a sudden everyone just knows about it, and starts clicking through all your pages, eating up all your information, purchasing all your products. You have the Magic Bullet! All your marketing goals achieved simply with having a Read More

Intro to Responsive Web Design

How do you access the internet? On your desktop? Or maybe your laptop, or netbook? And also on a tablet? And probably on your phone? On it’s mobile browser, or even through a web app? Do you have a glossy new high-resolution monitor, or an older standard one? Read More

Blogging 101

What does “blog” mean? It’s both a noun and a verb, and it’s used often. You can be a blogger who blogs on his or her own blog. The word “blog” originates from “web log,” or an online recording of thought or activity. Over time, usage was shortened Read More