Hosting: Third-party or Internal?

A question that comes up from time to time with clients is whether they should use a third-party hosting company or host the website internally. At King Design, we recommend hosting with a third-party, such as MediaTemple’s Managed VPS. There are exceptions to the rule however. Here are some of the topics to consider: Security Read More

How to Prepare for a Web Redesign Kickoff Meeting

Okay, so all the paperwork has been signed and you absolutely cannot wait for us to get started on your project, right? Well, we’re pretty excited too, but first things first, we need to have an official project kickoff meeting. What should you do to help prepare for this meeting? Check out this list: Send Read More

How the Web Works

Did you know that it can take up to three whole days for a new website to be made available on the web? If you were planning to coordinate a marketing campaign with your website launch and weren’t aware of this time delay, this could be very bad news. That’s why I think a little knowledge can go a long Read More

8 Ways To Give Good Feedback To Your Creative Team

One of the greatest tasks a creative team faces is interpreting design feedback from a client. It’s a difficult job for various reasons, however, it’s worth noting that, for the creative team, this feedback, unlike a critique from peers, such as an art director or a creative director, originates from those who are paying the creative team to solve a business Read More

Dealing with the Mobile Hover State

A common issue web developers run into is how hover effects on desktop transition to a mobile device. Since obviously there is no hover on mobile a discussion needs to be had about whether that hover effect is still vital/functional to the design or not. A good example of this is an effect we use on Read More

Scrolling & The Fold

Amongst web designers and developers, few things will cause eyes to roll faster than the age-old debate about the existence of the “fold” and user scrolling behavior. Personal opinion and semantics often derail the conversation into one that isn’t productive or relevant to today’s multi-device landscape, but there is value in discussing both the “fold” and scrolling. However, we need Read More

Holiday Snow Globe: How We Made It

As our studio began filling with festive holiday cheer, one question sat near. “What to do for our holiday campaign?” we asked with a smile. “How about a shakable snow globe!? That should keep folks entertained for a while.” Many wild ideas were thrown about during one of our team lunches. The idea for Read More

3 Ways Responsive Web Design Can Improve Your SEO

A while back we introduced you, if you were previously unfamiliar, with the concept of responsive web design. We discussed two very different routes that can be taken when it comes to designing for the ever growing mobile/tablet audience.  Option 1 was the responsive/adaptive web design approach, which takes a single website and [aesthetically] pinches and squeezes Read More

CSS Names

Coming up with names for your soon-to-be-born children can be pretty challenging but so can naming your CSS. The main problem stems from each site changing over time. A class name might make sense now but what if the design changes? To help out with this, think of names in three main categories: functional, content-based, Read More

Think You’re Cut Out to be a Project Manager? Take This Quiz!

Directions: Assign points for how well each statement applies to you using the following criteria: Not true: 1 point Partly true: 2 points Mostly true: 3 points 1. I consider myself to be a good communicator. I’m not afraid or shy to ask questions or tell people what I need, even if it means I must Read More