Web Development

Content Management Systems

We’re fans of Content Management Systems (CMS’s) here at King Design, mostly for their flexibility. We primarily work with ExpressionEngine and WordPress as our choice platforms, but have supported and built on Drupal and Magento, among others.


WordPress development is one of our most requested service offerings. We’ve found the platform to be as flexible as it is expansive; it’s one of the many reasons we love building on it!


We're very comfortable using different CMS's. ExpressionEngine was our most used CMS before WordPress started to dominate the market. We have built a large amount of sites using it and will continue to support this fantastic CMS.

Custom PHP, Javascript, & HTML5

We have extensive experience in the digital space and with highly complex projects that require heavy consultation, technical integrations, and planning. Our developers sit in on strategy discussions, working alongside our creative team.

Microsites & Landing Pages

Full-scale websites aside, successful online campaigns can often benefit from unique and individual websites or webpages for a particular product or service you may offer. These microsites and landing pages can walk your target audience down a measurable user flow, where you can specifically analyze and optimize conversion rates.


Blogging is one of the greatest and easiest ways to work towards a strong SEO effort. If you’re looking for a blogging solution, search no further. We can strategically integrate a solution to not only meet your immediate needs, but set you and your website up for future success.

Select Case Studies & Clients
Responsive web design for Stonyfield


Website, Social & Video

Responsive web design for Stonyfield

LRA Worldwide

Website & Branding

Responsive web design for Stonyfield


Website, Branding & Video