The Challenge

AFS was struggling with a consistent look and feel and wanted to freshen up their image. This engagement has turned into a lengthy relationship with the school, and we have touched just about every piece of their communications, both printed, and digital.

King Design Abington Friends School Responsive Website Design On Multiple Devices

The website has been designed to tell the AFS story through beautiful imagery and compelling, engaging headlines. The themes of the site are "intellectual and creative ambition," and they are woven throughout, serving as a vehicle to tell these stories.

Abingtonfriends Homepage

Abingtonfriends Admission

Abingtonfriends Net About Us

Guidance for the Future

Careful attention was paid to the hierarchy of content, how the site would be utilized, and what pathways we needed to create to support specific user journeys. AFS is now able to use the site as a marketing and content management tool by following established style and tone guidelines.

King Design Abington Friends School Website Open On A Laptop
King Design Abington Friends School Website Calendar Screenshot
King Design Abington Friends School Website Mobile Design Screenshot

Brand Guidelines

We carefully crafted styles for AFS to follow across all of their marketing materials.

AFS Style Guide Mockup

Accepted Student Kit

AFS Box 045 Edit
AFS Box 041 Edit Edit Edit
AFS Box 039 Edit Edit Edit Edit
AFS Box 072 Edit

Annual Reports

Afs Annual Report 1
Afs Annual Report 2
Afs Annual Report 3

Oak Leaves

AFS has had Oak Leaves as a publication for many years. They wanted to update the look and also the way that it flowed and read. There was too much copy, not enough room for photos and, in general, it felt cramped. The opportunity to show the spirit of AFS was being missed. AFS and King Design went through a two-issue process of slowly changing the whole layout and design of the magazine. It’s become more of a visual, modern, engaging piece that celebrates AFS at its finest.

Oak Leaves Covers
Oak Leaves Leadership Story
Oak Leaves Breaking Ground
AFS Oak Leaves Illustration
Afs Oak Leaves Covers
Oak Leaves Spread 2

Fundraising Campaigns

King Design works with AFS to create printed and digital materials for its large fundraising campaigns.

Capital Camp Logo
Cap Camp Cover
Afs Cap Camp Postcard

Screencapture Abingtonfriends Net Support Now More Than Ever
The Fund For AFS Logos
The Fund Brochure
The Fund Brochure Inside
The Fund Website
The Fund Website Icons

AFS Athletics Program Branding

AFS is building a new gym, and along with this change, they wanted to re-brand their athletics program, starting with the logo. For many years they used a generic kangaroo. We reworked a new kangaroo and gave the whole logo a more modern, polished look that they can proudly display with their beautiful new gym!

Afs Athletics Logo
Afs Athletics Logo Styles

Postcards and Ads

Afs Postcards

Afs Ad

Other Printed Materials

AFS is truly a special school—educating and nurturing the next generation of wonderful people. We are very proud of the work we have done in collaboration with them.

Afs Other Printed Materials





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