The Challenge

Tum-e Yummies is a fruit-flavored water drink owned by The Coca-Cola Company. They had recently redesigned their logo and packaging and were in need of more comprehensive branding to appeal to an older “tween” demographic without alienating their current younger consumers (aged 5-9).

TEY Bottles V Formation

Our Approach

Inspired by the energetic, bright, bold look of the new packaging, we created a compelling "Positively Bold" messaging platform that articulates the benefits of the brand in a more relatable and engaging way for tweens and their parents. We rounded out their visual brand identity styles with color, fonts, imagery, and a custom library of 3D product graphics and animations. We then designed a bold and dynamic website along with ads, merchandising, and point-of-sale pieces to complete the rollout.

Be You Image
TEY Identity Guide

We created concepts for a photoshoot, then styled and photographed it to support the new brand platform.

TEY Hand Drawn Sketch
TEY Hand Drawn Sketch2
Tum-e Yummies Photo 1 King Design
Tum-e Yummies Photo 2 King Design
Tum-e Yummies Photo 7 King Design
Tum-e Yummies Photo 4 King Design

Website Design & Development

We designed a dynamic new website that serves as a central brand platform, highlights the bold new packaging, and features custom animations to reinforce the energetic playfulness of the new brand.

TEY Website Laptop
Break The Mold
TEY Detail Products
TEY Iphone

We created 3D bottle models for each of the flavors and animated visual graphics to highlight them.

TEY 2018 Master Group In Line 5 10 2017

And new merchandising & point of sale pieces to support the new brand rollout in stores.

TEY Dump Bin
TEY 3D Box
TEY 3D Merch

“Your collaboration was invaluable and your questions often sparked the need for additional thinking on our end which is the true value of a partner. For that, we are extremely grateful.”

VP Marketing
Tum-e Yummies
The Coca-Cola Company


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