Honest Tea

The Challenge

Honest tea, a mission-driven, international beverage brand, was in need of a new website that better reflected the brand personality and core environmental and social mission of the company. Their current site was not mobile-friendly and content was segregated and difficult to find.

The Solution

King Design worked with Honest Tea to create a beautiful new responsive website that both simplified and amplified their mission-driven, quality ingredients message. Getting a new site up quickly was imperative to support the rollout of new packaging and product launches.

responsive design
responsive design

Building the Navigation

In most site designs, decisions made in wireframing are altered in development.
The navigation always seems to be one of these areas where an idea sounds great
in design but being able to play around with it in development allows us to see
new opportunities. Honest Tea’s navigation was no exception to this rule
and changed form and function many times over the course of the project.

Custom Photography by King Design

Honest Tea bottleOf course, we drank a lot of tea
over the last few months.

Our Approach

We took existing packaging styles and used them to make the website another extension of their beautiful new brand. We focused on a simple, clean site, utilizing white space and highlighting the product. We created a site that is fun to look at and easy to interact with.

web design

6,536,948 lbs organic ingredients purchased in 2013

$155,169 fair trade premiums paid to sourcing communities in 2013

427,000+ beverage containers collected at The Great Recycle since April 2012

2,400+ eyeglasses donated at one of our tea gardens in Assam, India

2,336,000+ lbs diverted from landfills by the Terracycle Drink Pouch Bridgade™

Building the Products Section

Building the Honest Tea products section presented a challenge to include multiple varieties with various flavors, sizes and a filter bar. We didn't want to show too many products on the page and overwhelm the viewer so we added "more" and "less" buttons to show or hide other products within each variety.

Honest Tea web page
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