The Challenge

When Marine Jet Power approached us, it wasn't just a regular ask. They needed a solution for a real head-scratcher. Imagine carting around these colossal boat propulsion systems to trade shows year-round – heavy-duty stuff! The logistics and costs were spiraling out of control. Their challenge to us? Find a way to showcase their impressive products without the logistical headache. That's where our digital expertise kicked in. This case study peels back the curtain on how we crafted a sophisticated web app that turned their product showcase into a seamless, virtual experience – no heavy lifting required!

A force to trust

Simple & Intuitive

In developing the web app for Marine Jet Power, simplicity and user-friendliness took center stage. Our design philosophy embraced a clean and minimal UI, carefully crafted to prioritize ease of use. Every element served a purpose, with no room for unnecessary frills. The user experience was streamlined to ensure intuitive navigation, allowing both exhibitors and visitors to engage effortlessly with the virtual showcase.

Podjet screenshot
Combinator screenshot

Optional Animation Previews

Going a step beyond conventional product showcases, we also incorporated dynamic features into the web app, offering users a full interactive and immersive experience. Alongside the ability to rotate and zoom 3D models, we introduced optional animation previews that elevate the demonstration of product functionality. Users can toggle these animations on and off, gaining deeper insights into how the boat propulsion systems operate. This interactive element not only adds a layer of engagement but also provides a comprehensive understanding of the product's intricacies.

How it works breakdown

We also introduced a dedicated 'How it Works' product animation, providing a transparent look into the functionality of a waterjet. This additional model goes beyond just showcasing the product; it serves as an educational tool, allowing users to visually grasp the inner workings of the waterjet system. By offering a transparent view and illustrating the flow of water, we aimed to demystify the intricacies of the technology. This feature not only adds depth to the user experience but also empowers visitors with a clear understanding of the product's fundamental mechanics.


Our partnership with Marine Jet Power showcases the game-changing impact of digital innovation. By tackling the logistical hurdles of showcasing hefty boat propulsion systems, we not only met our client's challenge but reshaped how they present their products at trade shows. The web app we crafted didn't just cut costs; it transformed their entire showcasing experience. This collaboration highlights the impactful role of strategic tech solutions, and we're thrilled to continue breaking new ground in the digital landscape.

trade show from above

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