Responsive Web Design

Mobile-First Design

Phones and tablets, now more than ever, are primary devices used to browse the web. At King Design, our mobile-first design process sets a fully functioning, flexible mobile experience as a priority milestone in our web design and development work.

SVG Support

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are a rising necessity with the growth of 4K displays and pixel-packed Retina and QuadHD mobile screens. The idea is simple: for your website graphics to maintain their crispness from display to display; and our implementation of SVGs in our website development does just that.


Performance goes hand-in-hand with Responsive Design. Slower page load time results in an increase in page abandonment. We pride ourselves in utilizing new and emerging web technologies to decrease our page load time and make our websites perform as quickly as possible.

Cross-Browser Testing

We thoroughly test our websites in all of the major internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We also make sure everything is up to snuff in both Apple and Windows operating systems.

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Responsive web design for Stonyfield

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Responsive web design for Stonyfield

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