The Challenge

Over the past few years, we've tackled the dynamic landscape of Widener University's marketing needs, taking on the challenge of creating diverse materials for their annual Homecoming, Alumni Awards events, and Spring Appeal Campaigns.



In celebration of Widener University's excellence and the return of alumni and former organization members, King Design crafted a comprehensive set of homecoming materials. This included save-the-date and invitation direct mail, digital pieces, social media assets, tailgate maps, and signage, all designed to enhance and promote the festivities during the school's annual homecoming weekend.

Save The Date Animation 1080

2023 Homecoming Social
2023 LI SHARED Photo 1200x628 2x 100
2023 TW Photo 1200x627 2x 100

2023 Homecoming Signs

2023 Shuttle Stop Map Sign
2023 Tailgate Village Map

2020 Homecoming Postcard

WU FullLogo Long White 2935CShield
WU FullLogo Long White 2935CShield

Alumni Awards

In acknowledgment and celebration of the significant impact and achievements of Widener's alumni, students, faculty, and staff, King Design developed a suite of materials. This included an invitation email, PowerPoint presentation, program, and signage, all crafted to enhance and contribute to the success of the occasion.

Three Signs
WU FullLogo Long White 2935CShield

Spring Appeal Campaign

Widener University's spring fundraising appeal, aiming to support engineering scholarships, centered on development and alumni engagement and culminated at fiscal year-end. King Design utilized both traditional and digital channels for outreach. The approach sought to honor the retiring Dean and contribute to the advancement of engineering education, emphasizing a commitment to a supportive community dedicated to academic excellence.


Founder's Day

Founder's Day provides Widener's community with diverse opportunities to celebrate their rich heritage and future endeavors, including reunions, a 24-hour giving campaign, and student celebrations. King Design played a role in inaugurating this tradition during Widener's 200th-anniversary celebration, contributing essential assets for the milestone occasion.


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