The Challenge

Having maintained a longstanding collaboration with Scully, we've been entrusted with the creation of names, logos, and marketing materials for numerous apartment complexes. The latest addition, Westside in Phoenixville, PA, presented a unique challenge: infusing industrial and rustic elements while staying true to the Scully brand. Our responsibilities encompassed the conceptualization of the name, design of the logo, development of an introductory brochure, and the creation of various advertising collateral.

Crafting a polished and straightforward brand was our mission, ensuring legibility even from a distance when featured on signage. The neutral color palette, carefully curated, manages to strike a perfect balance – subtle yet with just the right amount of flair.


Coupled with local imagery, the brand radiates a charming and captivating Phoenixville ambiance. The words, a play on the apartment name, emphasize the wide array of activities offered in the area and cater to the target audience.

Phoenixville Apartments Apartments In Phoenixville PA Rent Phoenixville

The excitement continues in our brochure, designed to sustain that lively vibe. Drawing in the viewer, it details the amenities and features awaiting them in this innovative new complex.

Landscape Brochure Closed Cover And Back Cover View
Landscape Brochure Overlapping Cover
Landscape Brochure Totally Folded Page
Landscape Brochure Page Zoom Half Side

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