The Challenge

WaveJet was ready to introduce their innovative Personal Water Propulsion System to the world featuring jet-powered surfboards, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. They needed a strong brand identity, ad creative, and a digital destination to serve as a central communication and commerce hub.

King Design Wavejet Picture From Under Water

Logo Design

King Design Wavejet Logo

Website Design

King Design Wavejet Responsive Design On Multiple Devices Unsmushed

King Design Wavejet Website Screenshot Unsmushed

eCommerce Store

Visitors were able to view photos and videos, get detailed specs, and purchase a variety of products online.

King Design Wavejet Ecommerce Store On Ipad

King Design Surfboard In The Water

Print & Digital Ads

Each season, we designed cohesive 360° ad campaigns for multiple buyer personas–print advertisements, rich media banner ads, and HTML emails.

King Design Wavejet Print Ad 2
King Design Wavejet Print Ad
King Design Wavejet Print Ad 3

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