The Challenge

Our relationship with Stonyfield started with a mutual interest in creating truly engaging social campaigns. Their goals were to increase their overall fan base, educate on the mission of the organization, and become more interactive with their audience to foster brand evangelism.

The Solution

King Design has worked with Stonyfield to push new boundaries, developing social and digital destinations that entertain and reward their loyal fans. Facebook Fans, followers, and e-newsletter subscribers have amassed. The collaboration has been so successful that Stonyfield trusted King Design to build their corporate website with an innovative ingredient source map.

Custom interactive panel designs

23 social campaigns, a beautiful
new website, and many great friendships.

How do you launch a new product
with a new ingredient to an existing
audience and make it fun?

Watch our video below

Website Redesign

Stonyfield approached King Design with a need to rebuild their website to reflect
their new brand identity, make it responsive and to better
integrate their social media platforms.
Stonyfield website redesign

We created a source map like no other

Visit the Stonyfield Source Map

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