The Challenge

The 21st Century Cyber Charter School team came to us for help in creating an intuitive, educational, and engaging lead-generation destination. They were struggling with how to communicate the benefits of the school for the types of students they were hoping to attract—those who need their school schedule to be flexible due to professional commitments and rigorous training or travel schedules.

Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 7 06 14 AM

Our Approach

To get to the heart of it all, we crafted their leading educational marketing message, "It's school, built around you." We created a "day in the life" video, robust website and print materials to help prospects understand what it's like to be a 21CCCS student and dispel common myths about cyber schools and the quality of 21CCCS, in particular.

We helped 21CCCS communicate their value in providing a high-quality education for students who need flexibility. Our digital destination drove higher engagement and enrollment.

Content Strategy

One of the first steps we took with 21st Century Cyber Charter School was to reorganize and consolidate their content. The primary goal of our content stategy was to serve up such a vast quantity of important information in an effective way for the target market’s consumption. Our secondary goal was to recreate and categorize the content in such a way that search engines would successfully crawl it and index it for targeted search results.

Old Sitemap

21CCCS Old Sitemap

New Sitemap

21CCCS New Sitemap

Website Design

We kept the goal of an optimized mobile experience in the forefront of our minds when designing and developing 21CCCS's new website—not only for the site itself, but when designing marketing assets too, like mobile-ready email templates for continued online marketing efforts.

King Design 21st Century Cyber School Homepage Screenshot

Print Collateral

King Design 21st Century Cyber School Print Collateral

“...The early returns on the site
have been fantastic! Engagement
statistics are showing a dramatic
difference when compared to
our old site.”

Louis Corominas
Marketing & Enrollment Specialist





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