21st Century Cyber School

The Challenge

The 21CCCS team came to us to create an intuitive, responsive, visually and emotionally engaging website that would be an educational and a lead generation destination. Once the web project wrapped, we worked with 21CCCS to create a few print pieces for prospective students and their parents/guardians, and a second piece for their summer school opportunities.

The Solution

KD used great visual design, smart user-experience, and valuable content to captivate the attention of each visitor. The site integrates with 21CCCS’s current CRM and Google analytics software. It’s developed to today’s current SEO standards and integrates seamlessly with social channels to maximize inbound traffic over the long-term.

Content Strategy

One of the first steps we took with 21st Century Cyber Charter School was the reorganization and consolidation of their content. The primary goal of our content stategy was to serve up such a vast quantity of important information in an effective way for the target market’s consumption. Our secondary goal was to recreate and categorize the content in such a way that search engines would successfully crawl it and index it for targeted search results.

New Sitemap
Old Sitemap

We were able to help 21CCCS communicate understanding,
trust, and reliability via their website, a tool they recognized
as one that needed to speak volumes about, and for their school.

To further the informative and persuasive efforts of the website,
we created “A Day in the Life” video for 21CCCS, depicting what
it’s like to attend the school as a student, and
what communication is like for a parent/guardian.

Watch the video below


Mobile–First, Responsive Design

We kept the goal of an optimized mobile experience in the forefront of our minds when designing and
developing 21CCCS's new website –– not only for the site itself, but when designing marketing assets too, like
mobile-ready email templates for continued online marketing efforts.

“...The early returns on the site have been fantastic!
Engagement statistics are showing a dramatic difference
when compared to our old site.”

– Louis Corominas, Marketing and Enrollment Specialist

Print Collateral

We supplemented the new website with a few print pieces that
complemented not only the refreshed styles we implemented for
21CCCS, but also the primary messaging we established in the
rebranding process. The first piece we created for 21CCCS was a
fold-out brochure used to target prospective students and their
parents/guardians; the second piece was an informational folder
the client would use to advertise their summer school cyber
credit opportunities to students attending district public schools.

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