The Challenge

Van Dam makes exquisite wooden boats by hand that are works of art, not just vehicles for transportation. Their old site consisted of a text-heavy design and lack of imagery. The boats begged to be showed off and highlighted with the same level of care that goes into the manufacturing of each boat. Also, the site structure lacked general organization and had too many unnecessary pages making it rather unwieldy and confusing.

Our Approach

With a focused emphasis on large imagery, we created a minimal design highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into creating the boats as well as the finished boats themselves. Whether it's full-screen images or close-up cut outs, the quality and expertise really shines through every page.

Screen Shot 2020 04 24 At 2 26 45 PM

Website screenshots

Fresh Image Galley

To showcase the boats, we came up with an image gallery that feels modern and slick. With multiple layouts available to use, each boat gallery is unique and allows specific elements of the boats to be highlighted and displayed. This semi-customized layout for each boat mirrors each boat's highly customizable features and the company's sleek, high-end feel.

We made sure the new design looked amazing regardless of the device size.


Screen Shot 2020 04 24 At 2 47 06 PM

Organization is key

Cutting out excess pages and combining others where it made sense, really helped to streamline the site structure. Focusing on making the site easy to navigate, a major improvement

Screen Shot 2020 04 24 At 4 13 29 PM

“Just love the new site. It's a true representation of you and your company. Congratulations!!”

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