The Challenge

AIM helps pharma, biotech, and life science companies design and build effective supply chains. They have a lot of expertise and a track record of success in their industry, but their brand identity didn’t show it. It looked outdated and inconsistent. They needed a new brand identity that would reflect their professionalism, innovation, and value. They also needed to update some older marketing materials and create new ones that would look great and cohesive.

We Gave Their Logo a Fresh and Modern Look

AIM had been using their old logo for about six years, and while it had some recognition among their existing customers, it didn’t stand out in the competitive market. They wanted to keep the essence of their brand, but also make it more appealing and relevant to their target audience. They were especially fond of the “wheel” element, which symbolized their range of services and their dynamic approach. We decided to give their logo a subtle but effective refresh, rather than a complete overhaul. We refined the shape and color of the wheel, making it more sleek and vibrant. We also updated the typography, choosing a more contemporary and legible font. The result was a logo that reflected their brand personality and values, while also attracting more attention and interest.

Out with the old

Screenshot 2024 02 23 At 12 28 29 PM

In with the new

AIM Logo Brand Sheet

Modern Business Card Designs

Business Card Mockup

Continuing the Brand Evolution with Revamped PowerPoint Templates

Powerpoint templates

Since video calls are so integral now, how about some creative video backgrounds?

Video Backgrounds

Sleek Whitepaper Page Designs for Clear Communication


Fresh LinkedIn Banner Designs


Standing Out With Engaging Tradeshow Booth Designs


Website Design

We used AIM's brand colors to create a dark and elegant theme, but added some visual interest by making the background color change smoothly as you scroll down the pages. We also used subtle animations to highlight the important content and to guide the user’s eye to the next section. Nice typography and whitespace allowed the copy to be easily read and understood.


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