Van Dam Website Redesign and Custom Facebook Tab

Van Dam doesn’t just build wooden boats, they handcraft fully-custom, uniquely-powerful, high-end pieces of art. The family owned business is focused on real relationships between the people who build the boats and the people who buy them. We set out to reflect this in their online presence, through a complete website redesign and corresponding custom Facebook tab.



Through clean, streamlined, and photo-focused design, we translated Van Dam’s attention to detail, quality of work, and beauty of their craft into a content-rich website. From the focal animation on the Home page to the stunning images in the Gallery, visitors are introduced to the whole Van Dam process, starting with sketches and moving up until the christening of the vessel.

To help foster and continue the customer relationships that Van Dam treasures, King Design built a custom Facebook tab to reflect the look and feel found throughout the website. Van Dam takes full advantage of the opportunity to engage with potential buyers and satisfied boat owners by keeping up with a constant stream of new photos and comments.


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