Stonyfield Organic Moment Microsite and Video Contest

Engagement, Simplicity, and Sharing. 3 goals for Stonyfield’s Organic Moment campaign. Through a beautifully crafted and customized microsite with integrated Facebook components, King Design designed, developed, and launched a story-driven contest campaign that successfully delivered on all of these goals.


The project encouraged people to share their story about what inspired them to start eating organic. A microsite was the perfect medium for this visual-centered and user-content driven campaign. However, King Design integrated the Facebook “Like” and “Comment” features into the website, in order to create the ability to easily share, post, and raise a Fan base.


Successes include:

  • Creating a visually dynamic community online to match that surrounding organics
  • A focus on human faces and human stories
  • User-friendly submission form that gave multiple options for visual uploads

In 2 weeks:

  • 226% Increase in Facebook Page Likes
  • 911 Story submissions
  • 310 New opt-in email contacts


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