Stonyfield Farm US Open Facebook Campaign

Stonyfield came to us wanting a Facebook presence promoting their participation in the US Open. We developed and delivered a customized application, a microsite for interactive contest participation, a 200% increase in Facebook Fan Page views, and nearly 7,000 new opt-in email contacts.

The campaign encouraged current and potential customers, through Facebook, to vote daily for their favorite yogurt flavor in a bracket-style match up. We designed visual representations of distinct personalities for each flavor and 35,000 people voted for the winner.


King Design designed and developed a customized application, built directly within Stonyfield Farms’ Facebook Fan page, set to be the default landing tab. New visitors were forced to “Like” the page to move forward and vote for a flavor on the developed microsite. This system incorporated building a fan base as a core and over the course of the campaign, engaged and involved fans and customers in the brand on an interactive level. Visitors were encouraged to go from the Facebook page, to the microsite, to the website, fully incorporating all aspects of the Stonyfield online footprint.



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