So you’re adding a custom Facebook tab.

Congrats! You did it. You defined your space in Facebook, and now you’re painting the walls and putting up some drapes. It’s going to be downright CozyTown on your Page pretty soon, but, wait. Did you remember all the not-so-pretty stuff?

Before moving forward and making your new custom Facebook tab live, there are some very important, albeit not always top of mind things that need to be addressed.

Name of the tab

What are you calling this beautiful new beast? “Welcome”? Easy, but, eh. Spice it up a bit. What is your tab really about? What can you call it that tells me what’s there, and *really* makes me want to click on it? Just remember to keep it short, 1-3 words.

Profile picture

Your profile picture is your face to the Facebook world, so this is a great opportunity to promote your new Facebook tab. Incorporate the tab design, and direct current fans to click on the tab link below the image.


No, the interwebs aren’t free, and the images on your tabs don’t live within Facebook — they’re just visiting. They need their own house in the country, usually in neighborhoods like Media Temple or Dreamhosters. (We can set this up for you, but you’ll need to allow us to make the payment.)

Share text

Facebook communication — and your brand’s growth on the platform — is rooted on effective use of the sharing features. Users who like your Page and the new tab are going to want to tell their friends about it, either by posting something to their own Wall or to their friends’ Walls. So craft something catchy, effective, and to the point for them to share, to get other people to come.

Spread the word

Just like your website, it’s not a “build it and they will come” situation — you have to tell people it’s there to go to. Email is a great way to do this. Tell your current email list subscribers about this great new promotion you’re running, so they’ll go visit the tab and start spreading the word organically to non-subscribers. Include an email share feature in your tab so it can be shared with people outside of Facebook to increase your audience.

Multiple tabs

It’s possible, hooray! You got all of this together and your new tab is being set up, so….time to start a new one! Any ideas?

*Post originally written by Abby Tolotti

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