KD Team Building Event at Twin Spring Farm

Inspired by the latest Bachelorette* episode during which Jillian passed over our friend, Reid for, um, Ed… The King Design team decided to blow off a little steam on the new SKYTRAIL ropes course at Twin Spring Farm.
*Just to be clear, we’re all only watching the show because of Reid…

Thanks to Dick Hood and his father, Mr. Hood, who founded the legendary Twin Spring Farm in 1945, the KD team got to experience an afternoon full of death-defying rope challenges not meant for the faint of heart.


Ok, it wasn’t actually all that scary… except for Abby who is terrified of heights. (We’re so proud of her for getting out there!)

Dick made sure we were safely harnessed up, then turned us loose to climb as high as we pleased.

Just as we were about to head out for the evening, Dick got a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he asked us to follow him across their 30 acre property to a water park where he had safety goggles, a moon bounce-like obstacle course, and some high-powered water guns waiting for us!

We all immediately regressed to about the age of 12 and I personally found myself laughing so hard I could hardly hold my gun let alone shoot it.


Needless to say, most of us left Twin Spring Farm completely soaked, but also further bonded as a team.

All in all, great day indeed!

To view more pictures from the event, visit our King Design Facebook page!

To learn more about Twin Spring Farm’s new SKYTRAIL ropes course and their summer day camp programs, please visit their website!

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