Honest Tea Increases Fan Base with Coupon on Facebook

Honest Tea is a premiere organic (and delicious) beverage company, active in supporting both sustainability and social responsibility within the corporate world. Utilizing Facebook for a paperless coupon campaign was a perfect “green” solution for Honest Tea.

Honest-Tea-Inside-Images.jpgThe message was concise, “thanks for being a part of our communi-tea!” A Fangate, a step requiring users to “Like” the page in order to receive the coupon, was integrated into the design to boost the number of people in Honest Tea’s online audience. Once the coupon ran out, fans were notified that they missed the offer, but to continue to come back for more savings. All three design elements—the Fangate, coupon, and expiration—were integrated into one design that boldly (and simply) showcased their tea and their Fan appreciation in an easy-to-use and quickly launched campaign.

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