Guac-Ca-Cook Off

Eli, Chris, and Dan from King Design

How it started

Dan: Hey Kipp?
Kipp: Yes Dan?
Dan: Avacados are 10 for 10 at Acme.
Kipp: Nice, I can’t buy them in large quantities because they go bad before I can eat them all.
Dan: Ah, yeah, you know whats good when you have lots of avocados?
Kipp: What?
Dan: Guacamole.
Kipp: I like guacamole.
Dan: I like guacamole too. Let’s make guacamole.
Kipp: We should have a cook off.

And now we begin

3 very talented King Design team members battled it out and each prepared a fresh batch of guacamole for our fellow King Design employees to judge. The voting started strong for Eli with a quick thumbs up from several satisfied eaters. Votes trickled in for Chris and Dan, but the obvious winner was Eli with her secret ingredient of “salt.”

Eli, Chris, and Dan from King Design

See more of the action on our flickr

*Post originally written by Dan Gold

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