Go forth and COLLABORATE!

Our design/development team is fresh off of an amazing responsive design conference in Providence, RI. and man, are we PUMPED.

Artifact Conference ( artifactconf.com ), self described as a conference “for DESIGNERS who are adapting to the challenge of designing for a MULTI-DEVICE world ” was innovative, inspiring, and above all, informational. A few things worth sharing:


Gone are the days where designers spent days behind closed doors creating masterpieces, only including developers when they, well, really, really, REALLY had to. Today’s web design scene is more inclusive, requiring more communication, from the start, from both designers and developers. And we love that idea!

2. LAUNCH IT! (gently…)

Launching a website used to be a day that came with hootin’ and hollerin’, with pomp and circumstance, with all eyes fixed on a singular all mighty deliverable – YOUR WEBSITE! But just as all things are becoming more fluid in web design, so are the ways that we “finish” a web project. Today’s successful launches are becoming more of a series of steps that make up a whole, where there is time for the client to digest smaller pieces and where there is less time spent designing whole pages in Photoshop, showing them in a pdf, and then dealing with inconsistencies and failed expectations once the full site is finally on a browser.


The printing press took like, 500 years to perfect the print process? Well, the internet is not for those that move slowly. In the last 20 years we have seen changes that are becoming hard for even the most vigilant developers and designers to keep up with. But in the wake of this crazy influx of change, we are seeing those involved reaching out and sharing their knowledge and getting knowledge back in return. If a problem is solved, it is solved for all.

It was in this environment that we found ourselves this week- in a room of really smart people, doing really innovative things, willing to share it all – and we were truly inspired.

So in the spirit of this communal environment, here is a link to all of the resources that we collectively bookmarked from the Artifact Conference http://dev.kingdesignllc.com/artifact/links/.

Now go forth and BE CREATIVE!!!!!

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photo booth

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