Creating successful sweepstakes & contests on Facebook.

Free stuff!! Coupons!! Giveaways!! Prizes!! Yep. You want it. You know you do. So why wouldn’t your consumer base? Facebook provides you the perfect platform to connect, and they’re already there — waiting and looking for you. You just need to give them a reason.


(“Keep it Simple, Stupid.”) Facebook-based sweepstakes and giveaways should be simple. They should consist of a bare-bones submission form, with as few requirements as you can get away with (while still keeping your marketing analytics team happy). For most users, the next shiny thing is only one red notification tag away, so you need to hook them in quick. This means less text, beautiful graphics, logical progression of actions, and a clear reward. Show them what they’re going to get, and how to get it.

Get back over here

Some say it takes 7 impressions for a consumer to remember a brand, so make sure your contest encourages them to come back. Allow for multiple chances to win dependent on once-a-day entries. Have multiple prizes released over the course of a lengthy campaign. Change your prizes on a weekly basis. Give them a reason to come back and engage with your page, over and over.

Talk to me

Encouraging conversations on your Wall –> increases brand engagement –> greater brand loyalty. Tying in conversations about the sweepstakes on your Wall will get current fans over to the contest, and fan interaction on your Wall will get posted to their activity feed, prompting new visitors to check it out! Win-win!

Play by the rules

Facebook contests are fantastic ways to grow your brand, but make sure you’re staying within all legal guidelines. Chances are you’ll need a legal disclaimer at the bottom of your tab, and you’ll want to include Rules & Regulations that your legal team drew up. Cover your bases!

King Design has helped our clients with a number of highly effective Facebook campaigns surrounding contests or sweepstakes, and all have followed these guidelines. Check ’em out, then try ’em out!

*Post originally written by Abby Tolotti

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