Brown & Brown Website & Resource Library

Dedicated research, thoughtful design, expert web development, and clear and concise copy – all elements that King Design used to develop and launch the website for Brown & Brown Consulting.

As a large healthcare consulting firm, their goal was to take a complex and intricate field of services and present them to the public in a simple, approachable, and organized manner.


King Design took on the challenge of launching Brown & Brown Consulting’s website at a time when healthcare was becoming increasingly complicated and impersonal. By developing a brand message on the web, we helped customers and brokers to discover that they had a partner and resource in the people at Brown & Brown.


More than visual beauty and usability, we delivered a functional tool in the website. A unique featured Resource Center allows for easily accessible information, document sharing, and online engagement. At King Design, we realize that corporate sites need more than just great design; they need the most streamlined and effective online tools in order to communicate and serve clients.

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