4 Great Motion Graphics Resources

Motion graphics, like this amazing short film by Gabe Askew called “Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear”, all have one thing in common – to be successful, story comes first. In my short time creating short films and spending my free time researching the greats throughout internet land, the same theme pops up over and over. You must have a story to tell. Well, here are a few resources that I’ve found that will do nothing short of inspire you and, hopefully, help you develop your skills after you’ve defined your story.


1) Motionspire


This site reminds me of Vimeo for Motion Graphics. Some of the best MG artists place their work up here for others to critique. And trust me, it’s very hard to say anything negative about any of this work.


2) Video Copilot


Need to learn how to create an epic explosion in After Effects or build an animated title for your movie. This is the spot. Awesome tutorials and great plugins. I have to credit these guys for teaching me the techniques for the title slide in our opening video. Thanks so much, you guys rock.


3) Multimedia Shooter


Built and managed by Richard Koci Hernandez, this blog gives brief but powerful examples on how to improve your storytelling skills though multimedia. Truly inspiring and fun to read/watch. Thanks, Richard, for the inspiration for some of my street photography and gear. I first saw Richard speak on Lynda.com, our 4th example.


4) Lynda.com


Saving the best for last. I think I visit this site once a day. The best resource on the web for learning software. Also an amazing spot to see what they call Documentaries which are short films about other people in the design world. I watch these documentaries like I used to watch Tom and Jerry after school. I am hooked. Great job Lynda and thanks.

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