Project Questionnaire

To help us get a better understanding of your needs please fill out our short questionnaire.

What's your budget?

1)“No Idea”5)“I have gobs of money and I can't wait to give it to you”

Do you have experience building websites?

1)“I build websites in my sleep, I just don't feel like doing it again”5) “Whats a website?”

Do you feel like you are missing out on key opportunities due to your current site?

1)“Not really”5)“Definitely”)

How long ago was your site designed?

1)“Our website was designed last week”5)“Our website was designed in the 1900's, help!”

What's your opinion on Responsive Web Design?

1)“Why do I need my site to be responsive?”5)“I'd be scared if you didn't build responsively”

What kind of timeframe do you have for a new website build?

1)“We needed the site yesterday!”5)“Take as much time as you need”

What kind of growth is your business experiencing?

1)“We're not growing”5)“We're taking over the world tomorrow”

Does your business have clearly defined goals and sales strategies?

1)“I don't know how to sell something”5)“We pride ourselves on our goals”

Do you wish your site helped your business run smoother?

1)“Customers are constantly using our site”5)“My site has no connection with our day-to-day”

How does your company view the power of a great website?

1)“I feel like the only person in my company who truly understands”5)“Everyone is on board”

Does the lack of organization in your site drive you crazy?

1)“My site has perfect organization”5)“It's impossible to find anything useful”

Do you own this business?

How many years has your company been in business?

How many employees are employed at your company?

What is your current annual gross sales (in US dollars)?

Please share anything else you'd like us to know:

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