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Building a Web App

Ordering Lunch Sucks – We Fixed That Every Friday we gather for a group lunch. Lunch is great, ordering for a large group of people sucks. What do you all want? Where should we order from? Who’s calling it in? That’s not too bad unless half the people want pizza and the other half want Read More

A New Age Workflow

For years, we had a simple workflow from design to development, that I assume, most other agencies also utilized. We worked this way, like cavemen, until some new software emerged recently and brought us into the modern era. Often times, we used software for purposes that it might not have originally been intended for which Read More

Web Development Nostalgia

Recently, I celebrated my year anniversary at King Design and purely by happenstance I had to do some website updates to the very first website I developed at King. If you haven’t looked over your code from an old project, you should. Now, don’t be scared, I know what you think you’ll find; Alright, it won’t Read More

WebSockets and the Future of the Web

What Are WebSockets? WebSockets are one of many new technologies coming to the web that should have people excited. WebSockets will allow real-time, two-way communication between the browser and the server. While this article won’t be getting into too much technical detail, if you are interested you can find more detailed information at the resources listed Read More

Responsive Web Design Summit

At King Design, we strive to keep up with emerging technology and web design standards. Some online sites and podcasts that are extremely helpful in our journey include: CSS-Tricks Codrops Smashing Magazine A List Apart ShopTalk Show The Web Ahead Recently, we attended the Environment for Human’s RWD Summit; an online conference over three days with Read More

Google to Favor Mobile Friendly Sites in Searches

Google has officially announced “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” on their Webmaster Central Blog. What does this mean to you? In short, if your site is not mobile friendly you’ll to drop in ranking. “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and Read More

Dealing with the Mobile Hover State

A common issue web developers run into is how hover effects on desktop transition to a mobile device. Since obviously there is no hover on mobile a discussion needs to be had about whether that hover effect is still vital/functional to the design or not. A good example of this is an effect we use on Read More

Holiday Snow Globe: How We Made It

As our studio began filling with festive holiday cheer, one question sat near. “What to do for our holiday campaign?” we asked with a smile. “How about a shakable snow globe!? That should keep folks entertained for a while.” Many wild ideas were thrown about during one of our team lunches. The idea for Read More